453 Patten Street, Sonoma – Title Quieting & Genealogy

The owners of this property had previously hired Alice to prepare an HRE in anticipation of redeveloping the property. Alice determined that the property was not historically significant, and the owners proceeded with building a new house on the site. During the design phase, questions arose when an existing garage was determined to have been built over the lot line. The owners hired Alice again to evaluate the discrepancy in the land survey and identify any heirs of previous owners who might be available to assist in quieting the title.

Alice determined that the current assessor’s parcel map does not reflect “as built” conditions and that Patten Street is offset to the west by several feet, causing discrepancies in the land surveys and titles. Alice then expanded on genealogical research done for the prior HRE and located the names, addresses and phone number of the heirs of previous owners.