“Cooperage” Elevator, First Street West, Sonoma

As part of a major renovation of the “Cooperage” building in downtown Sonoma, the owners proposed to add an elevator to the rear corner of the structure. Because the building had been determined historic, the city’s planning department directed the owners to assess the impact of the proposed project on the historic character of the building. Alice had already prepared a supplemental HRE for the building, as was hired to determine if the project was sensitive to the historic nature of the building and consistent with the “Secretary’s Standards.” The  building was originally constructed as an “ice plant” in 1906. Though it was raised to two stories and otherwise modified during the first half of the 20th century, it retains enough integrity to convey its historic origins. Alice determined that the proposed elevator addition had no impact on the building’s “character defining features” and was consistent with the “Secretary’s Standards.”