Temelec Carriage House, Sonoma County

The Temelec Homeowner’s Association hired Alice to evaluate the proposed stabilization of the historic Temelec Carriage House. The stone carriage house was built ca. 1858 and is included in California Landmark #237 (“Temelec Hall”), Sonoma County Landmark #50 (“Temelec Hall”),  was recorded in the “Temelec Hall” Historic American Building Survey (HABS)  project in 1964 and is a contributing resource to the Temelec National Register nomination. It is significant for its association with the early development of Sonoma Valley and for its architectural distinction. The building has been vacant for decades and is deteriorating rapidly. In an effort to halt the decline until further plans could be developed, the Homeowners Association proposed installing temporary steel tie rods throughout the building to stabilize the structure. Alice determined that the project was both consistent with the “Secretary’s Standards” and critically important to the short-term preservation of this historic resource.